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Rapid Test Kit Manufacturer

We have expertise to manufacture IVD kits in different formats like Rapid Card (Cassette) and Strip.
We can provide the uncut sheets for all our rapid tests.
HIV (1+2) Antibody Rapid Test
WHO evaluation of NewScen HIV (1+2) Antibody Rapid Test: Sensitivity: 100%, Specificity: 100%, Total Accuracy: 100%
HCV Antibody Rapid Test
NewScen patented HIV and HCV RDTs have obtained CE approval by TUV laboratory evaluation, hot sold domestically and abroad by receiving high concentration by customers.
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Kit
Newscen provides the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Kit with cassette, stripe and Uncut sheet.
Treponema Pallidum Antibody Test Kit
Newscen provides the TP (Treponema Pallidum/Syphilis) Antibody Rapid Test Kit with cassette, stripe and Uncut sheet.

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ABOUT USSupplier to IVD Manufacturers with Over 20 Years Experience

NewScen Coast Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (NewScen), founded in 2003, as a way to address what they saw as an obvious need in In-vitro Diagnostic field in China, is an innovative and respected diagnostic reagent solutions distribution and marketing company that provides high-tech diagnostic reagent solutions specializing in microfluidics products, colloidal gold rapid tests, testing instrument, as well as OEM projects on uncut sheets.


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Greeting from our CEOTo provide customer with accurate and convenient products based on knowledge and technology innovations is our core value.

NEWSCEN COAST insists in market-centric, comprehensively integrate and mutualize variety of sources, technologies, products and talents, striving to provide customers with diversified products and services with high-quality products, one-stop service and efficient integrated solution with competitive price.
Tony Z. Lee
Chief Scientist

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